Manjiri Jawadekar is a certified Life and Performance Coach from Bangalore. She has her own consulting and coaching firm Reivent Coaching and Consulting. She is also an MBA, certified NLP Master Practitioner, qualified Image consultant an Extended DISC administrator.  As a corporate trainer she has conducted behavioural trainings in companies like Toyota Kirloskar Motor, Vaswani Builders, Toyota Kirloskar Auto Parts, Kirloskar Brothers Ltd, Videogyaan Media and so on. As an NLP coach she works with corporates and with leaders, managers, executives, entrepreneurs to produce outstanding results, progress in their career and reach their fullest potential. She also helps individuals to experience transformation, sense of well-being, joy and fulfilment at work and in life.



My name is Manjiri and I am a Neoway certified NLP Life and Performance Coach. I totally believe that each one of us has enormous capabilities and yet limit ourselves as we try to fit in rather than stand out. I  trust in embracing our fears  and leaping ahead as fear is just an indication that you are alive, and not our destiny.  As a coach I work with executives, leaders, young adults and individuals.  I create a magical space for people such that when they step in, they stop being okay with life and create a life that is exciting and fulfilling. As a coach I help them find their key to their happiness and joy.  As a coach I am quiet, calm, stubborn and tireless in expanding, opening my client’s world.  I absolutely love my work and my biggest strength is that through the sessions people begin to see life and experience life differently. My work is an important part of my life, and my life is all about family, work, reading and exploring culinary skills.

They say we can either make ourselves miserable or we can make ourselves strong. It takes the same amount of work, and the best part of it is you are the common denominator, and you get to make a choice.

I too have journeyed with my coach and continue to work on my personal growth. Owning my responsibility to my health, my dreams and my life was my biggest learning from my coaching sessions with my Coach.

I realised, it is always “I “.

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