Corporate Programmes

Training of Employees:

A lot has been written and researched about a phenomenon which states that we assume the actions of another person to be a reflection of his true inner self. So does this work collectively in forming the image and brand of an organisation? Yes! I believe so.

It is time to overcome the illusion where most employees feel inconsequential among so many in an organisation and accept that nothing really goes unnoticed, whether it is the tone of their conversation or a commitment to call back. Deep down, we all know that it matters and so does the positive image of the organisation.

Since employees echo an image of the company, it is essential for them to be well aware of how their conduct and demeanour impacts the organisation’s brand. I assist your human assets in creating a lasting impression by exhibiting professionalism and reflecting the values of the organisation in their conduct and behaviour.

While the bird builds her nest, not even a single blade of grass is insignificant – it only strengthens her home.


Professional Presence ( Two-day programme)

Business Etiquette ( One day programme)

Customer Delight/Courtesy ( One day programme)

Mindful Communication ( One day programme)

Personal Presence  (Group coaching  programme Рsix months)