Executive Coaching

The concept of coaching comes from the world of sports that started spreading slowly into different areas of life and at work. Companies, and the people working in them wanted to learn, grow, progress and be at their optimum best just like a sportsman does, and coaching essentially assists in that . It enables leaders, managers, executives to bring out their personal best.

Each one of us wants to experience a successful inning with our career. We would like to experience growth, progress and achievement at the work place. And true to that spirit we all keep working at it. But doing what we know best is very different than we being at our best.

And as a Coach I can work with you to be at your personal best!

As a Coach I work with  Entrepreneurs, Leaders, Managers, Executives, who are seeking growth and excellence. And while they do, they stumble upon roadblocks such as;

A) After more than a decade or more into their career they feel like they have hit a plateau and that leads to dissatisfaction at work.

B) After more than a decade or more into their career, their role has been redefined or expanded recently and that role now demands certain capabilities that are new, and that is leading to a sense of disarray.

C) After more than a decade or more in their career, they have been inducted to a new role or a higher leadership role and in spite of their best intentions and hard work they find that they are not being effective.

D) They have dreams, goals and aspirations but not enough clarity to move forward.

As a Coach I assist people facing such challenges and help them transform the way they feel at work, redefine the way they work and reinvent themselves at work.