Individual Coaching


You would all agree that perceptions matter, as almost everything takes place within the dynamics of the perception’s created between two people.  One of the basic needs of any human being is to feel valued and significant and that is why we are referred to as social beings. Research says that social judgements take place in the blink of the eye and with surprising accuracy hence we cannot avoid the web of communication that leads to opinions.

Judging and perceiving people is a survival instinct and we make assumptions based on limited information. Then based on this judgement we decide to hire someone or keep a distance. So rather than leaving it to chance, why not move forward reflecting the best in us….always?

Coaching Sessions 


If you are looking for Coaching Sessions with NLP then you have come to the right place. I work as a personal coach and as a group coach. The sessions are like a journey where the client creates a life he wants, discovers his true potential and feels confident in chasing his dreams and goals.

For those of you who wish to work on specific challenges and goals only, I conduct regular one on one sessions.

  1. One-on-One Coaching – Open Sessions

Based on what the professional wishes to work on, the sessions are

planned. The client may want to achieve a workplace goal or change

behaviour, think through a decision, improve a relationship or

communicate confidently. These sessions help you achieve what you wish

to achieve and the duration of these sessions depend on what you choose

to work on.  I offer face to face sessions and online sessions as well.


For professionals who wish to improve their personal effectiveness at work, experience fulfilment in life, and are looking for a program, do take a look below for details.

  1. One-on-One Coaching – Long duration Programme

“Leap Ahead”, is a coaching programme for professional success. 

The program has been designed keeping in mind that each individual works differently.

  • Duration: Option of doing a three-month intense programme or a five month spaced out programme.
  • Where: These sessions will be conducted at my office in Wilson Garden or you could have an option of having online sessions, scheduled as per mutual convenience.
  • Structure: Through this program, I will be working with you on your Interpersonal skills, Personal excellence and Workplace goals as a structure, but it will also be a highly personalised programme based on individual outcomes.
  • Why join this program: The reason this programme is different and hence exciting is that it is not a Training or Consulting program and is entirely focused on helping you express your true self and find your firm grounding as a professional.
  • This Program will help you:
    1. To discover how you Think
    2. To change certain behaviours that may be holding you back.
    3. To feel more confident and self-assured.
    4. To gain some momentum onwards and upwards in your career
    5. To improve communication skills and relations at work.
    6. To have clarity in terms of your goals and take action.
    7. Achieve work-life balance
  1. One-on-One Coaching – Shorter Duration Programmes
  • Getting Results at work ( One and Half month/ Three months)
  • Managing Relations at work ( One and Half month/ Three months)
  • Building Confidence at work ( One and Half month/ Three months)
  • Communicating Effectively at work ( One and Half month/ Three months)

We are sensitive about client’s preference; therefore we maintain utmost confidentiality about our clients.


Much continued success to all!


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