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“Image management is all about Respect …. Respect for the various roles, goals and occasions in our life. Every occasion calls for a way of communication, appearance and behavior and once you respect that you are empowered to make your personal impression.

As we move ahead in life based on the natural laws that govern human growth and progress enriched with experiences and changing circumstances our roles and goals keep on changing and to keep up with the momentum we need to keep on re-discovering, reinventing ourselves. Of course we need to and always will be who we are but there can always be a better you.

“Image management is all about Respect…… Respect for self, for others. Because people are special and we owe it to them and ourselves to do that extra bit by extending certain courtesies, dressing up for certain roles and occasions, listening while we communicate. This adds that whole new dimension to life, be it your own or that of another.